Statistics in Sexual Assault


Mick Grewal, an attorney and member of the Courage First Advisory Board, represented many of the Sister Survivors in the trial against Larry Nassar. As an attorney he offers a unique perspective on the legal aspects of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

His law firm, Grewal Law, PLLC, has compiled statistics related to sexual assault in this blog post. These numbers are alarming and should serve as a wake up call for the change needed in prevention efforts, legal action, and making survivors feel safe to come forward.

  • 51.1% of female survivors of sexual assault report being assaulted by someone who was their intimate partner.

  • 40.8% of sexual assault survivors describe their abusers as someone who they considered an acquaintance.

  • 52.4% of men who have been sexually assaulted say their attacker was someone with whom they were acquainted.

  • Roughly 8 out of every 10 cases of sexual assault cases occur when the victim knows the perpetrator.

  • Approximately 81% of women and 35% of men experience sexual assault.

  • 94% of women who suffer from sexual assault experienced PTSD and its symptoms within the first two weeks after the attack.

  • Healthcare expenses are 16% more expensive for women who suffered from sexual abuse as a child and 36% more expensive for those who were both physically and sexually abused as a child.

  • Only 23% of cases involving rape, sexual assault, and similar actions are reported. Of these, only 46% of reports result in the accused being arrested (that’s just 4% of cases!).

Thank you, Mick, for your important work in this field!

Zach Vasquez